Hadasit Bio-Holdings


HBL holdings in its portfolio companies range from full ownership to minority stakes.
The holding entity offers investors and partners a unique risk-reward profile:

  1. Distribution of technologies as a tool for diversification.
  2. Focus on Phase I – significant upside and an attractive risk-reward ratio for each company.
  3. Conservative valuation allowing exit events to be translated into direct increase in HBL value.
  4. Economies of scale and strong infrastructure based on Hadassah University Hospital.
  5. Experienced management team and support staff.
  6. Liquidity based on the publicly traded vehicle.
All Cluster companies are attractively valued at single-digit M $ valuations and HBL is targeted at significant value building via direct guidance of the portfolio companies: aggressively progressing the cluster’s leading companies through Phase I clinical trials, while capitalizing on the Hadassah advantages – management & monitoring, facility & equipment, clinical trials, patient recruitment and others.