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Jan. 26, 2015  -   Enlivex Granted EU Orphan Drug Designation for Lead Product ApoCell for Graft-versus-Host Disease
Dec. 17, 2014  -   Kahr Medical received government grant sum of 8.2 m shekels approved by the Chief Scientist office.
Dec. 12, 2014  -   ProtAb Ltd. Awarded Chinese Patent for Lead Humanized Antibody, Prozumab
Nov. 3, 2014  -   Cell Cure Neurosciences Ltd. Receives FDA Authorization to Initiate Phase I/IIa Trial
Oct. 21, 2014  -   Written proxy pursuant to Companies Regulations (Voting in Writing and Position Statements) october 2014
Sep. 23, 2014  -   Hadasit Bio Invested $460,000 in Protab Company
Sep. 18, 2014  -   CellCure reports positive safety for the product
Sep. 11, 2014  -   Yigal Erlich- Chairman of the board of directors
Aug. 17, 2014  -   Notice from Warrant (Series 4) Holder
Aug. 17, 2014  -   RE: Immediate report concerning the general meeting of Company warrant (series 4) holders under Section 350 of the Companies Law
Jul. 29, 2014  -   Decision in the Matter of the Extension of the Redemption Period and Reduction of the Price of Redemption of (Series 4) Options part 1
Jul. 29, 2014  -   Decision in the Matter of the Extension of the Redemption Period and Reduction of the Price of Redemption of (Series 4) Options part 2
Nov. 26, 2012  -   Q3 Report Shows Capital Gain of 7 M NIS
A Series of Events and Funding Including External Investments in Portfolio Companies
Jul. 21, 2012  -   Globes interviews CEO Ophir Shahaf
Jul. 12, 2012  -   CEO Interviewed by Wall Street Reporter
Jun. 19, 2012  -   KAHR Medical raises 10.4 million NIS
May. 30, 2012  -   CEO Ophir Shahaf comments on Thrombotech - D-Pharm mereger
Apr. 17, 2012  -   Article on Hadasit Bio - Holdings by Leonard Zehr in BioTuesday
Apr. 8, 2012  -   The BIRD Foundation Grants BioMarCare and Ariadne $900k
Mar. 27, 2012  -   BioMarCare Closes Strategic Investment by Micromedic, a Bio-Light Subsidiary
Jan. 19, 2012  -   Hadasit Bio-Holdings' Portfolio Company Thrombotech Raises $1.4M
Jan. 10, 2012  -   Thrombotech Raises $1.4 M and Is Expanding Its Phase IIa Trial
Jul. 27, 2011  -   About ADRs and how Hadasit Bio-Holdings can benefit from its ADR
Jun. 20, 2011  -   An ADR program has been setup (OTCBB:HADSY) for trading in the US
May. 25, 2011  -   3 HBL Portfolio Companies Amongst 10 Promising Israeli Biotech Companies on the Verge of a Breakthrough (Calcalist)
Apr. 17, 2011  -   Sanofi aventis invests in KAHR Medical
news reports on the deal
Mar. 9, 2011  -   Hadasit Bio target is double its share price
Article in Haaretz / TheMarker By Vadim Sviderski
Feb. 27, 2011  -   Article on HBL in Hadassah Magazine
Long Road, Short Walk
Jan. 23, 2011  -   Article on HBL in Hadassah Magazine
Taking Stock of Hadassah by Wendy Elliman
Nov. 9, 2010  -   Attracting the life sciences to Jerusalem
Article published in Isreal 21c By David Shamah
Oct. 13, 2010  -   CellCure's 'breakthrough agreement with Big Pharma'
'Perefect Bio Timing' By Patrick Cox
Oct. 10, 2010  -   The Cyclic Nature of Biotech Revolutions
A blog by Michael D. West, Ph.D. CEO of BioTime the majority share holder in CellCure
Sep. 13, 2010  -   "Investing in Israel for the greater good" Haaretz 13/09/2010
you can be socially responsible and still turn a profit by Elah Alkalay
Aug. 31, 2010  -   Report by Globes on TASE Offering
"Hadasit Bio Holdings Raises NIS 11.5m in TASE Offering"
Aug. 31, 2010  -   Successful Public Offering
HBL Announces a Successful Public Offering on the TASE - Over 11 Million NIS Raised
Aug. 24, 2010  -   Another Major Achievement for Hadasit Bio Holdings (Thrombotech completes phase I)
Thrombotech, a subsidiary of Hadasit Bio Holdings, successfully completed Phase I trial
Aug. 19, 2010  -   Q2 2010 report (capital gain of 13 million NIS)
The company reports first substantial capital gain of 13 million NIS
Aug. 16, 2010  -   Exclusive Licensing Agreement
BioMarCare Technologies, a subsidiary of Hadasit Bio-Holdings, Has Signed an Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Hadasit for the Commercialization of an Innovative Marker Enabling Early Detection of Cancer
Jul. 29, 2010  -   Spotlight on HBL - in "Globes"
"The TASE BioMed Index's Favorite Seeking Partnerships"
Jun. 14, 2010  -   3 of HBL's Portfolio Companies Appear in "Israel's Most Promising BioTech Statups" List
ProtAb, KAHR and CellCure included in the list
Jun. 13, 2010  -   From Test Tube to Bedside
Israel's only hospital affiliated biopark, located in Jerusalem, helps doctors conduct research
Apr. 19, 2010  -   "Swimming Against The Current"
9 Stocks on TASE Post Gains Even When the Market Doesn't
Apr. 13, 2010  -   Clal Biotechnology, Pontifax and Hadasit Bio-Holdings to invest $ 4 million in ProtAb, a wholly owned Hadasit Bio-Holdings portfolio company
The company is developing a novel monoclonal antibody for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s Disease
Mar. 28, 2010  -   Hadassah Breakthrough Increases the Potential to Produce the Large Quantities of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Required For Transplantation
Mar. 19, 2010  -   Hadasit - One of "10 Promising Stocks for 2010"
Mar. 11, 2010  -   Hadasit Bio Holdings Exploits Its Competitive Advantage
As published in "Globes", March 10th, 2010
Mar. 3, 2010  -   Small But Promising Companies
New BioMed Index Attracts Investors in Israel Life Sciences
Jan. 24, 2010  -   Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to Launch BioMed Index
38 BioMed Companies on TASE. Index to Allow New Investment Vehicles
Dec. 24, 2009  -   KAHR Medical Raises 1.5 M Sheqels from Hadasit Bio-Holdings, Moves Towards Clinical Trial of Immune-system Diseases and Cancer
Invited to Present Preclinical Results at Major Scientific Conferences in Europe and the United States
Dec. 6, 2009  -   ProtAb, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Hadasit Bio-Holdings, Attracts Funding and Initiates the Manufacturing Process of its Lead Antibody in Preparation for Clinical Trials
Nov. 17, 2009  -   Hadasit Bio-Holdings Expands Activity to Diagnostic Markers for Cancer and Sets Up BioMarCare Technologies
The new company has begun a clinical trial of the first marker, for detection of various stages of breast cancer. HBL will inject 1.1 million NIS to bring the trial to completion.
Sep. 15, 2009  -   "An Innovation Factory in the Medical Field"
HBL bridges the gap between hospital research and industry
Sep. 1, 2009  -   Innovation Powerhouse Applies a New Model For Commercialization
How hadassah is leading Israel’s medical research
Jul. 6, 2009  -   Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat Visits BioTechnology Park at Hadassah Ein Kerem
Mayor calls the Jerusalem BioPark a central element in the making of Jerusalem
Feb. 26, 2009  -   KAHR's Third Generation Biologics Attract Financing
Published in BioWorld Today, Feb. 19th, 2009

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