Hadasit Bio-Holdings

Investment Criteria

A scientific committee composed of opinion leaders in the Biotechnology sector (Prof. Ruth Arnon, Dr. Tamar Howsen, Mr. Steve Burrill has established key inclusion criteria for selection of the Hadassah based companies into HBL:

  • All companies have established proof of concept via animal model testing.
  • All companies are addressing a multi-billion dollar market with unmet clinical needs

HBL focuses on completion of Phase I and preparation for Phase II, and success in either of these stages can multiply the valuation of each company up to 10X for each milestone.

Hadasit, wholly owned by Hadassah University Hospital, has founded since its establishment over 20 companies based on a unique model under which it receives substantial equity holdings in exchange for the technology licensed to the company.

Out of those companies, the holdings Hadasit had in 9 of the most promising ventures (in addition to meeting the inclusion criteria mentioned above) were transferred to HBL.